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April 23, 2020

Erickson Interview

Reflection on the role of CBOs Post CTU Strike

November 18, 2019

Today begins the first full week of classes in our Chicago Public Schools since the Chicago Teacher’s Union called a strike on October 17th. I cannot help but think that this week’s sunshine forecast reflects much of the optimism and relief that is felt throughout Chicago by teachers and students returning to their classrooms and regular schedules, by parents not having to scramble to find a safe, nurturing environment while they are at work supporting their families and by Mayor Lightfoot and her staff returning to the always-challenging work of managing the rest of this city’s critical issues.

But in between all these hard-working, earnest constituencies, I want to point out, are the Community Based Organizations (CBOs), the backbones of neighborhoods, trusted allies and partners to families that have known their closest CBOs for generations in some cases. These CBOs stepped up during the strike as always, and became even more relied upon during the work stoppage than on other more typical days. Because CBOs, like the Carole Robertson Center for Learning where I am the CEO, foster the well-being of children, of youth, and of families, especially when there is a call for help.

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