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Together, we create sustainable learning opportunities for generational strength

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The Future of Our Community Is Built On What We Do Today

Sustainable learning creates more access, builds equity, and changes the narrative. We need you to be involved in our shared future.

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Through monetary donations, goods, learning materials, and more, we can build services that engage minds, generate social-emotional growth, and help students forge their own paths in life. Browse our wish list and feel free to mail or deliver donations to our locations.

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Our strength truly lies in the people who give their time and talents to working with the next generation. We relay on over 5000 hours a year of dedicated, empathetic, and energetic people like yourself. (Note: volunteer opportunities are limited during COVID-19). Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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“I love everyone here! This is my family. From the families that come through to the administration, I’m so grateful for everyone of them.”

Darlene Johnson
Morning Coordinator, North Lawndale location

What Our Supporters Mean to Our Mission

In our centers and in homes, we changes lives person by person. We depend on people like you.

Empowerment comes from within, but is nurtured, encouraged, and supported from without. That’s where our community supporters come in. You directly impact the lives of so many children and families in communities that are too often neglected or written off. You help create chances. You help young people shine their light.

Our children build their communities. Our communities are strengthened by our mission. Our mission depends on your support.

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Join us for discussions, town halls, and more.

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Direct donations and material goods give us the power to expand educational opportunities for all.

Event 2

Individual, group, and corporate volunteer opportunities are short or long term ways to be involved in the community (TBD during COVID-19)

Event 3

Our events promote awareness, fundraising, and serve as a focal point for members to understand our mission (TBD during COVID-19)

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Since 1976, the Carole Robertson Center for Learning has been dedicated to educating, enriching, and empowering children and families through comprehensive child and family development programs.