A message from our CEO, Bela Moté:

I think it’s safe to say that none of us could have predicted or would wish for the Covid-19 virus that is causing such unprecedented disruptions of our daily lives and schedules due to the closures of schools, businesses, restaurants and as of yesterday, the Carole Robertson Center for Learning.

Families, I want you to know that my whole team and I am here for you. “Here,” though, has changed from my office to my kitchen table where I am helping my 9-year-old daughter with her math homework in the middle of what should have been a school day. You too, I know, are trying to adjust to new circumstances, “social distancing” and perhaps wondering how it will all work out.

It is a stressful time, no doubt about it. But I want to reassure you that even though our Carole Robertson Center sites and programs are temporarily closed, our staff and I will continue to connect with you on a daily basis through email, phone calls, postings to our website and messaging through ProCare. From Sonja Knight, our VP of Programs and Impact, and Kenny Riley our Director of Out of School Time Programs you will receive regular lists of resources and activities to keep your child engaged and stimulated during the Center closures. Please see some resource links included below that you might find informative and helpful.

As your child’s first and best teacher, it is YOU that they will rely on for continued engagement. So, I encourage you to be kind to yourself in the days and weeks ahead. Find ways to exercise and feed your mind, and take a break from the news every so often. To be sure, this way of life is brand new to all of us, but together we have greater power than any virus. Because we are the Carole Robertson Center for Learning community. Determined to give families and children the resources they need, even in these trying times, or especially in these trying times.

Until our next message, I wish you and your family good health, My best,

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