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Afterschool Enrichment Programs

Where Learning Never Stops. For Kids 5-17 in Grades K-12.

Mission Statement

It’s Not What We Learn. It’s How We Learn It.

When the school day ends, children are primed to turn classroom experience into out-of-school results. In our afterschool enrichment programs, kids aged 5 to 17 learn the social-emotional skills needed to succeed in the classroom and beyond with enrichment programs that span subjects and interests.


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Family Literacy and ELA
Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math (STEM)
Music and Fine Arts
Athletics and Sports
Activism and Environmental Awareness
Bilingual Immersion
Leadership and College & Career Readiness

Afterschool Enrichment Programs

Ages 5 – 12

School-age children practice communication skills, problem-solving, emotional knowledge, and gain resilience in afterschool programs that include STEM workshops, basketball, LEGO engineering, music and fine arts, and environmental activism programs.

Ages 13 – 17

Teen programs, in partnership with schools and community resources, help youth become leaders and develop skills necessary to engage and invest in their communities. Our Teen Afterschool Programs include workshops such as Music Moguls, Environmental Justice, and STEM workshops.

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Learning extends beyond the school-day. Support school-age children and teens in developing social-emotional intelligence within an engaging educational framework. Connect children with their communities and empower them to make a difference.

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Ages 5 – 12

Empower young learners with communication and problem-solving skills.

School-age children benefit from a wealth of high-interest, engaging activities that help develop the skills needed for educational success.

Our school-age programs include:

  • LEGO Physics and STEM Workshops
  • Basketball & Athletics
  • Activism and Advocacy Leadership
  • Music and Arts & Crafts

Enrich students’ learning with hands-on activities that inspire dynamic learning and social-emotional intelligence development.

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Ages 13 – 17

Engage teens in youth programming to inspire community engagement.

Provide youth and teens opportunities to grow and learn in a structured, supportive environment that inspires creativity, resilience, and entrepreneurship. 

Our youth programs include:

  • Music Moguls
  • Woodworking
  • Environmental Justice
  • Business and Entrepreneurship

Propel students’ learning and social-emotional intelligence with passion-built workshops tailored to the unique needs of the learner.

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Get Involved With The Carole Robertson Center

There is no one right way to support the Center. Here are a few ways to make a difference.

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Sponsor our programs with philanthropic giving that supports students and the Center’s mission to enrich, engage, and empower children and families.


Learn about your community and contribute to our learning initiatives with flexible volunteer opportunities for both individuals and corporate entities. (Temporarily suspended due to COVID-19)


View our program wishlist and see how you can help by donating supplies, such as art materials, LEGOs, and gifts in-kind that keep our programs active. 

Empower Learning With After-School Enrichment

Give your child the opportunity to take learning beyond the classroom.

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Since 1976, the Carole Robertson Center for Learning has been dedicated to educating, enriching, and empowering children and families through comprehensive child and family development programs.