Carole Robertson Center for Learning Continues to Expand Service to Communities with 5-year Federal Head Start Award totaling $103 million
Carole Robertson Center to manage Head Start/Early Head Start for 1,364 children in 27 communities across Chicago
CHICAGO, Ill. – Building on its track record of providing children in Chicago with high-quality education programs, Carole Robertson Center for Learning becomes one of the city’s largest Head Start (HS) and Early Head Start (EHS) providers with the awarding of a five-year, $103 million grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Head Start (OHS). Carole Robertson Center is one of five newly awarded community-based organizations included in this latest grant, along with the City of Chicago Department of Family Support Services (DFSS). 
Together with a recently awarded five-year, $20 million EHS expansion grant (with options to renew), the new grant brings program stability to the communities Carole Robertson Center serves. The funding supports a partnership with 30 local community providers across the city, serving an expanded total of 1,364 children across HS and EHS. Across all programs, Carole Robertson Center will now serve more than 1,500 children and youth up to age 17 in 27 communities.
“We are honored by the trust placed in us by the federal Office of Head Start, and pleased that the new allocation distributes resources directly into the communities we all serve,” said Carole Robertson Center for Learning President and CEO Bela Moté. 
Carole Robertson Center, the additional four community-based grantees, and DFSS will operate Chicago HS and EHS services that were previously operated solely by DFSS and its partner agencies. 
“As changes in how this program is administered continue to reshape the early childhood education landscape, we will remain a steadfast partner to early learning providers across the city and work together toward our shared goal to provide all children access to quality education at the earliest ages,” Moté added. 
In support of Carole Robertson Center’s service expansion, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin said, “Because of its broad service area and extensive experience collaborating with parents to provide infant-toddler care in programmatic, cultural, and linguistic settings best suited for them, the Carole Robertson Center is unique in its capacity to deliver a combination of home visiting, home visiting partnerships, family child care home partnerships, and center-based partnerships.” 
The grant represents an increased investment in the youngest learners, aged 0-3 years, who require more resources and are historically underserved. In addition, the shift in direct allocation to community-based providers gives Carole Robertson Center the flexibility to increase pay and benefits to staff. Better pay that keeps apace of equitable wages for the early childhood workforce brings more opportunities to support families with the comprehensive services under the Carole Robertson Center model. 

About Carole Robertson Center for Learning 

Carole Robertson Center for Learning pairs high-quality education for children with one-on-one support services to open opportunities for the whole family. Serving more than 1,500 children and their families across Chicago, and as one of the city’s largest Head Start and Early Head Start providers, we also partner with families to fortify their role as a child’s first teacher — because all children can learn when they have enough to eat, reliable housing and a healthy family. Continuing our founding families’ quest for equity and justice, we deliver the first-rate education denied Carole Robertson and countless others. Robertson was one of four young girls killed in the racist 1963 bombing of a Birmingham, Alabama church. We honor her, with permission from her family.


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